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How would you like to change your business? Is it to reduce operating costs to improve margins? Scale subject matter expert experience and insights? Create completely new functions and revenue streams? While not everyone shares the same business priorities, speed is a universal KPI, and one that Genexia is uniquely qualified to deliver through applications that combine fuzzy logic and evolutionary algorithms.

In partnership with you,  each solution can be quickly and precisely tailored to solve your unique needs and challenges. So, no matter whom we partner with across your organization or the solution we work to accomplish, Genexia can accelerate the pace and potential for positive change.

Our proprietary AI-powered solutions, allow for the quick configuration and deployment of solutions that supercharges co-innovation designed to supply insights from your data pipeline, provide fast and effective decision making with sophisticated and proprietary AI algorithms, integrate seamlessly into your systems and processes to unlock new efficiencies and growth, enable new ways of working, and facilitate game-changing innovation. Our AI includes universal approximators based on multi-values logic and linguistic reasoning that are deterministic and computationally efficient, verified and validated using formal methods that are robust to noise and uncertainty, and which work very well with small datasets that scale quickly and confidently with responsible AI baked in from the start. Built and delivered on Genexia’s AI expertise, our solutions maximize business adoption, minimize time to market and maximize business impact.

Our solutions are built to deliver you value, period. That is why they are built to work with any technology partner and used through a variety of consumption models and hosting environments based on your specific needs.


Every decision and insight are mission critical. We eliminate the black-box surrounding AI decision making by providing total visibility to AI rules, their reasoning and interpretation which allows human experts to understand the reasoning behind the input-output relationship, and recommendations. By revising inputs and outputs, human experts can then finely tune to sought-after solution, and validate the AI revised recommendations.

Small Datasets

At Genexia, we can produce accurate and actionable results by training on smaller datasets thereby reducing data acquisition and associated costs and increasing speed to market.

Highly Customizable

Our AI can be used on a wide range of applications, and can easily accommodate design, input and output changes to significantly reduce model development costs and allow for a shorter deployment timetable.


We can quickly experiment, prove value, configure, and deploy solutions using sophisticated proprietary AI models and company specific datasets so that you can scale swiftly and confidently.

Athlete Movement Prediction

What is the value of near real-time decision making to your organization? Our work in athlete movement prediction was able to deliver 97% accuracy within 0.3 seconds prior to impact. 

In fast-paced health, manufacturing and other work environments, decisions must be made with both speed and accuracy. Genexia has the capability of providing you with the advantage of speedy, transparent decision making utilizing our sophisticated state of the art AI technologies.

Engine Prognistics

Are you in an industry that uses equipment that needs predictive maintenance or remaining useful life decision making? How would you justify the cost, personnel needs, and time expenditure associated with unplanned equipment breakdowns? To have predictive equipment maintenance and replacement would allow you to reduce costs in time, personnel and equipment acquisition planning.

Genexia can help.

Image Processing – State of the art and Highly Accurate’

In many industries like health, manufacturing, oil & gas, and aerospace, the ability of AI to identify objects within an image is of vital importance in prediction and decision-making. In health, the ability to identify mass and calcifications within a mammography image creates unbiased identification and determination of cancer probability. On aircraft engines, the ability to detect an oil leak or cracks in a fan blade or determination of the airworthiness of an airframe provides safety to passengers, massive cost savings, better personnel allocation, and reduction in time ‘off wing’.

How do you foresee Genexia’s AI assisting you in your business to precisely identify the tiniest of objects within an image to reduce your costs, and improve your efficiencies?

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

In today’s complex world where the number of documents and amount of data to be processed can be overwhelming, solutions are needed to interpret and analyze information quickly so that it may be used in accurate near real-time decision-making.

With Genexia’s state-of-the art NLP capabilities which can identify the most complex of tables or text or handwriting, you can increase and accelerate processing capabilities that increases customer satisfaction, decreases repetitive tasks, remove human bias, and provides data analytics quickly and cost-effectively. 

Award Spotlight

This is the first evidence of decision-making prediction at such an incredibly high level of accuracy.

Adam Kiefer, Ph.D.

Asst. Professor, Univ. Of North Carolina.


Mass and Calcification Detection from Digital Mammograms Using UNets

Anoop Sathyan, Dino Martis, Kelly Cohen

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Genetic Fuzzy System for Anticipating Athlete Decision Making in Virtual Reality

Anoop Sathyan, Henry S. Harrison, Adam W. Kiefer, Paula L. Silva, Ryan MacPherson, Kelly Cohen

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Genetic Fuzzy Based Scalable System of Distributed Robots for a Collaborative Task

Anoop Sathyan,  Kelly Cohen, Ou Ma

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